6 Ways To Fight Modern Slavery From Home

Staying at home will save lives. Staying at home will also unlock the time, not often afforded to us in the fast-paced whirl of life, to focus on what is important and interesting to us. We, at The Anti-Slavery Collective, are working from home to fight modern slavery. Here are 6 ways you can join us in the fight:

‘Why Mobilizing a United Public is needed to end Modern Slavery’ by Joanna Ewart-James – Executive Director, Freedom United

Joanna Ewart James

Ask anyone: “Do you agree with human trafficking?”, “What about forced labor?”, “Is coercing someone into marriage acceptable?”, “Do you want to buy products produced by exploited children?” Surely, the answer (we hope) is a resounding “no.”  But while there may be widespread public condemnation of these forms of modern slavery, individuals may not see…Read More