Learning from our Partners.

Working 12 hours a day, six days a week in UK factories

Case study from The Salvation Army Ferda went into a hostel, where they recognised him as a trafficked victim and referred him to The Salvation Army.  Before Ferda was trafficked into the UK from the Czech Republic, he had been living on the streets for two years with no income, after falling into depression when…Read More

The Roma and Albania’s human trafficking mafia

Case study by Arise Foundation Albania is ancient, mountainous and rich in minerals and culture, but remains one of Europe’s poorest countries with a sophisticated mafia embroiled in drug, human and organ trafficking. Now that Covid has joined the scene to exacerbate socio-economic issues, there is little standing between vulnerable communities and traffickers, other than…Read More

The Guardians of Godda

Case study by Arise Foundation The guardians of Godda Godda’s rolling hills were covered in forest until the late 1980s, when coal was discovered within them. Still rural and remote, the district is an assemblage of coal mines, rice paddies and wheat fields, darted with villages and pockets of ancient forests. The “resource curse” has…Read More

Rescued after spending 6 years held captive in an attic

Case study from The Salvation Army Hai was held captive in an attic for around six years – he lost count after three years – where he was fed once a day and persistently sexually abused. When the door was left unlocked one day, Hai managed to escape and was then found collapsed from exhaustion…Read More