Our campaign Know More in 2024 is highlighting the importance of the world needing to know more about modern slavery. It is also a play on words around No More Slavery. We will use this campaign to engage our partners to share and raise awareness.

2023 Archbishop school in Canterbury

TASC visited the Archbishop school, in Canterbury, alongside the Rt Revd Rose Hudson-Wilkin, the Bishop of Dover. We learned about the Voices of Welcome project, an initiative designed to explore the values and challenges of cross-cultural exchange.

Unseen Safehouse Visit

TASC visited one of Unseen’s safe houses for survivors of modern slavery in March 2023. Survivors talked about their experiences with TASC and shared artwork that they had produced as part of an art therapy session.

October 18 Oxford Visit

Thames Valley Police brought together modern slavery survivors for their Anti Slavery Day event. The event featured invaluable and inspiring talks from modern slavery survivors and family members on the impact facing modern slavery had in their lives

Freuds dinner

We felt it was vital to bring together key stakeholders from both the public and private sectors to address contemporary challenges related to modern slavery, human trafficking, and exploitation. Our goal is to elevate these issues as top priorities for the World Economic Forum and forthcoming landmark events in 2024 and beyond.

World Economic Forum 2023

TASC had the opportunity to participate in the World Economic Forum 2023 where we actively engaged with prominent bodies such as Accenture, HPE, Goals House, Salesforce, Matthew Freud, and Bank of America, among others. We are collaborating with HPE to readdress the critical issue of human trafficking, aiming to bring this pressing concern back to…Read More

Modern slavery, a global epidemic

By HRH Princess Eugenie and Julia de Boinville, co-founders of The Anti-Slavery Collective There’s endless discussion, these days, about the history of slavery, but not nearly enough about what’s actually happening all around us at the moment, in our supposedly civilised modern world. The figures are, to put it mildly, sobering: an estimated 49.6 million…Read More

A Journal from our visit to Poland and Ukraine

DAY 1: Friday 15th April  Our first stop was the East Warsaw Refugee centre, a cluster of marquees just across the road from the railway station.  Bustling with activity, and made beautiful for Easter, this is where refugees come to find information, SIM cards, food and assistance for their onward journey.  We were welcomed by…Read More