UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women: Focus on Ending Human Trafficking ECPAT FRANCE Madagascar


ECPAT FRANCE Madagascar Commercial Sexual Exploitation of children (CSEC) has been exacerbated in Madagascar by economic and political crises, with an aggravated impact on women and girls. Common forms of CSEC include the coercion of  minors into sex work, tourism-related sexual exploitation, trafficking and cyber pornography. While the Madagascan Government has put in place a range…Read More

Ken Pennington – Anti Terror Policeman


I was born in 1968 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  I grew up during the height of the ‘troubles,’ a conflict which would see over 3000 people killed.  At 19, I joined a police forced entitled the Royal Ulster Constabulary, and was soon stationed in South Armagh, working with the military to patrol the area.  At…Read More