Our Mission

What we do

The Anti-Slavery Collective is all about convening people, connecting people, and highlighting the incredible work that is being done in this space.

We campaign and raise awareness for modern slavery as a global epidemic.

We encourage law enforcement agencies, policy makers, journalists, academics, NGO’s, companies, individuals, and survivors to collaborate and share ideas on how we can fight human trafficking.

How do we do this?

  • Visiting grass roots organizations and spending time with survivors
  • Raising awareness through social media
  • Hosting thought leadership events
  • Connecting people from across industries
  • Sharing resources to educate and inspire people to take action, big or small
  • Encouraging the conversation around technology playing an increased role in detecting and preventing human trafficking

We are two best friends who have carefully curated this platform to connect change-hungry abolitionists to unite, educate and activate.

We believe two heads are better than one, and if we stand united we have a greater chance of success.


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