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Floodlight is brought to you by The Anti-Slavery Collective, an organisation which looks to raise awareness of modern slavery and explore how we can all help rid the world of this global epidemic.

Join the charity’s co-founders, HRH Princess Eugenie and Julia de Boinville, every week as they sit down with guests from all walks of life who are helping to combat modern slavery in a variety of ways. From lawmakers and company leaders to famous activists, survivors and journalists, Floodlight shows you just how prominent slavery still is and that we can all do something about it

Dame Emma Thompson

This week we are joined by one of the U.K’s most celebrated actresses, Dame Emma Thompson. Activism has been a key component of her career off-screen, and we wanted to hear more bout her extensive work in fighting trafficking and modern slavery.

Emma discusses how she discovered a friend of hers was kept prisoner in a local massage parlour as well as her role as president in the Helen Bramber Foundation. Emma also discusses adopting a survivor of child slavery, she shares some incredible stories and lessons she’s learned along the way.

The Helen Bamber Foundation, a UK-based human rights organisation, formed in April 2005, to help rebuild the lives of, and inspire a new self-esteem in, survivors of gross human rights violations.  On behalf of the Foundation, Thompson co-curated “Journey” an interactive art installation which used seven transport containers to illustrate the brutal and harrowing experiences of women sold into the sex trade. Thompson and “Journey” traveled to London, Vienna, Madrid, New York and the Netherlands for exhibitions and interviews

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Wumi – Survivor of Modern slavery

This week we are joined by Wumi, a survivor of modern slavery in the U.K. She talks to us about how she found herself in domestic servitude after being trafficked from Nigeria, how difficult it was to report any signs of harm and what can be done to help support millions of people like her across the world.

If you’re listening to this in the U.K, people are being forced into slavery within a mile of you right now. Visit the links below for further details about how you can join us in the fight to rid the world of an epidemic that affects all of us. 

Caroline Haughey OBE QC

Our guest this week is Caroline Haughey OBE. She is a QC and all round specialist on modern slavery. Caroline’s expertise and wealth of experience have made her a treasured advisor to government, to policy-makers and to us at The Anti-Slavery Collective. She successfully prosecuted the first case of modern slavery in Britain and, since then, has led the way in Britain’s fight against modern slavery, working across the board to police and prevent human trafficking. Caroline is also a trustee and guiding light of The Anti-Slavery Collective.

In this episode Caroline tells us about her involvement in Operation Fort, the largest case of modern slavery ever tried in the UK. She explains the details of the case, the struggle bringing the perpetrators to justice, and how you can spot signs of modern slavery in your own life.

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